JailbreakMe 7.1

JailbreakMe 7.1 7.1.1

JailbreakMe 7.1 Jailbreakers managed to crack iOS 7.1 a lot of quickly than expected when it arrived on the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, however the newer iOS seven.1 and 7.1.1 code releases have clad to be a lot of hard. Some gaolbreak groups have fared higher than others. Redsn0w seems to possess confirmed of the jailbreaking game entirely, with its last unleash having been for iOS vi.1.6 over a year past. Evasion continues its efforts within the variety of Evasi0n7, when newcomers Geeksn0w throw their hat within the ring.
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As of nowadays, JailbreakMe 7.1 has solely gotten as so much as delivering associate degree unbound JailbreakMe 7.1 for iOS seven.0.6. meaning iPhone jailbreakers square measure latched out of the seven.1 update and also the minor new options and enhancements that it brings. JailbreakMe 7.1 has delivered a semi-tethered Jailbreak for iOS seven.1, however it comes with associate degree virtually surreal caveat: it doesn’t work on the new iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C, or maybe on last year’s iPhone five. really it’s solely installable on the traditional iPhone four. thus what alternative choices square measure there?
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That leaves most users awaiting JailbreakMe 7.1 to unleash associate degree unbound Jailbreak version of iOS seven.1.1 for the iPhone 5S/5C/5. The question now's whether or not it’ll arrive before Apple releases the developer trial of iOS eight next month.

Ever end up fixated on your iPhone? forever checking it and fidgeting with it? have you ever ever wanted you may do less writing on your iPhone? If you have got jailbreaked your iPhone, the answers to those queries may be simply solved .
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If you are a significant iPhone user, your friends most likely tease you and say you are fixated on your device. With the Fixated tweak you'll be able to set limits on your own usage of your device. you will be ready to set break reminders for once it is time to require an occasion from your device, skip the lock screens and far additional.

You can set an occasional battery alert level for any proportion. thus if you think that that victimization [*fr1] your battery on your phone is just too abundant, you'll be able to have the phone warn you at five hundredth that you are at low battery.

Fixated is obtainable for $1.99 and out there for transfer here.

If you are bored with writing on the small keyboard on the iPhone, you will realize keyboard shortcuts to be a lifesaver. With KeyShortcut professional pressing and holding one key can result in a route. for instance, if you press and hold the "C" key you may instruct KeyShortCut professional to create that key copy text. If you already use sticky keys on your information processing system, this tweak are going to be terribly helpful for you on your iPhone.

KeyShortcut professional is obtainable for $0.99 here.

If you are ever within the middle of writing associate degree e-mail and so you see associate degree awing rainbow, what would you do? Well, you'd need to come back to the house screen, open up your camera app, take the image and so come back to your e-mail. Not with quickCam!

With this tweak, you will be ready to keep that e-mail open. With an easy flick or button press, quickCam can open a window on prime of the present app you're victimization permitting you to examine the image you're getting ready to take. once you're taking the image, you will mechanically be came to the app you were victimization, therefore permitting you to end that e-mail!

quickCam is obtainable here for less than $1.99.

Call them hacks, decision them tweaks, no matter you decision them -- these useful tools for your iPhone can create your device additional powerful, easier to use, and fun.



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